The S.N.A.R.E (Snare Neutralization, Awareness and Removal Effort) initiative is a research and awareness project. The initiative focuses on the location and removal of snares and other equipment used to illegally harvest wildlife and flora from natural areas of South Africa


Since the implementation of the S.NA.R.E Initiative in January 2015, the KaiNav S.N.A.R.E team has removed countless snares and traps from the South African bush! These snares and traps are used in education programs, as well as in the S.N.A.R.E Art Program to create inspirational pieces of art. This program aims to uplift local artists by assisting them in building a sustainable business.Each SNARE Art piece protects African wildlife while empowering underprivileged


Urban Verreaux’s Eagles


This research assessed the diet of Verreaux’s eagles nesting along the urbanized Magaliesberg Mountain Range, South Africa. The study investigated the impact, different levels of urban development has on diet composition and prey selection of urban Verreaux’s eagles. Reduced sightings of Verreaux’s eagles in the Magaliesberg, suggested a possible decline in the population over the past 30 years. In light of this apparent decline, the study was initiated in the Magaliesberg in order to determine where the bird’s nest and what they eat when occupying territories in close proximity to humans.

Harbour Predator Project


This research focused on determining the fish species diversity and assemblage of Durban harbour, Southern Africas busiest commercial port. Data gathered using Baited Remote Underwater Video Systems (BRUV’s) was compared to that gathered from Recreational fishing records. Fish species diversity in the Durban harbour was found to be relatively high in spite of the extensive human modification, with certain fish species  taking advantage of man-made, protected habitats such as jetties and off-limits boat docks